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“I really enjoyed working with Nick
and I look forward to working with him
again - very soon!” - Beyonce

“Nick Cooper is an amazing talent! I’ve heard the
difference Nick makes in a singer, and it’s better than
any other voice coach in the business.” - 12-time
Grammy winning engineer/producer Al Schmitt
(Madonna, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Natalie Cole)

“Beyonce didn’t speak French prior to meeting Nick... he
helped her learn the song in two hours. And ultimately,
it was one of the most remembered and talked about
Oscar performances in history.” - Kim Burse, Beyonce’s
creative director

“...Great guy... and an unbelievably great singer!” -
Randy Jackson, American Idol

“I was blown away by what Nick does for his artists. There
are a lot of voice coaches out there, but very few can turn
mediocrity into a fine instrument. He’s one of a kind!” -
Ed Maddox, President of Urban America Television

“Whether you’ve been in the music industry for one
week or ten years, Nick is the person you want on your
team. He started with Jada at ground zero, and stayed in
it for the long haul because his heart was in it!” - Devin
, Jada Pinkett-Smith’s background vocalist

“A wonderful voice coach because he is a singer.
Working with him enlightened me to the boundless
possibilities I never knew were available to me. He just
knows how to explain and relate to me better than
anyone else I’ve ever worked with.” - R&B/jazz/gospel
songstress - Chante Moore

“Nick Cooper gave me the confidence to sing
and the license to fly... and now I don’t go
anywhere without my Nick sauce!” - Jada
Pinkett Smith

“Nick Cooper takes the human voice and allows
it to soar in the most natural way.” - Rickey
, music director for American Idol, Whitney
Houston, Sting, NSYNC, Celine Dion, Brandy


Famous Bootcampers

Testimonials From Students/Parents

Fearlessness, Confidence, Skill, and Excitement to be in the music industry. These are the four things that everyone possess at the Nick Cooper Academy and f our things that I will leave with that I didn't have walking in. Singing has always been my passion, even though I only sung behind closed doors. It was the one that I wanted to do in front of people, but the truth is I never thought that I was good enough. That changed the moment I walked into NCA. Immediately I was challenged to show my gift to others and believe that not only others wanted to hear me, but to also believe in myself. Nick isn't just a vocal coach, he's a mentor that give you principles that will help you for the rest of your life.  

- Leyla, NCA 2016 Student

The second to last day of camp, Dane got in the car and said "I love Nick Cooper" and Paisley agreed. Thank you for being you, the greatest spiritual guru to kids providing a safe environment for them to flourish. 

-Sherri, NCA 2015 and 2016 Parent